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This article needs additional citations for verification. Cadbury Roses are a selection of machine wrapped chocolates made by Cadbury. They are an extremely common gift on Mothering Sunday roses PDF sell well throughout the Christmas period. Caramel – Cadbury Caramel Toffee piece.

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The same poll which determined that the ‘Hazel in Caramel’ variety was most popular in Ireland also showed this as being rated the ‘worst’ variety. Classic Milk – Purple and Silver. Peppermint Créme Crunch – Green with Silver. Hazelnut Swirl – Pink with Silver. Classic Caramel – Light blue with Silver.

Caramel Deluxe – Orange with Brown. Hazelnut Créme Crisp – Orange with Silver. Vanilla Nougat – Cream with Brown. White Raspberry – Silver with Pink. Turkish Delight – Yellow with Red.

Dark Mocha Nougat – Brown with Silver. Chocolate Bliss – Purple and silver. Hazelnut Praline Crisp – Orange and silver. Strawberry Creme – Red and silver. Classic Fudge – Silver and light blue.

Salted Caramel – Turquoise and silver. Caramel Deluxe – Bronze and black. Dark Mocha – Brown and silver. Hazelnut Whirl – Pink and silver. Turkish Delight – Yellow and red. Peppermint Creme – Green and silver.