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This article needs additional citations for verification. The 400 Blows received numerous awards and nominations, paris coups de coeur PDF the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Director, the OCIC Award, and a Palme d’Or nomination in 1959.

Du Pont Neuf au musée du quai Branly, en passant par Notre Dame, Montmartre et l’Observatoire : toute la ville lumière, concentrée en 384 pages; Philippe Harvey a su saisir dans son objectif les multiples facettes de la capitale : Paris de l’aube, Paris du soir, Paris des marchés, Paris du bord de Seine, Paris des monuments, Paris des églises, Paris moderne, Paris hors du temps, Paris de tous les jours et Paris insolite. Toutes les photos que vous auriez rêvé saisir !

The film was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Writing in 1960. Sound critics’ poll of the greatest films ever made, it was ranked 39th. Antoine Doinel is a young boy growing up in Paris during the 1950s. Antoine frequently runs away from both places. The stepfather turns Antoine over to the police and Antoine spends the night in jail, sharing a cell with prostitutes and thieves. During an interview with the judge, Antoine’s mother confesses that her husband is not Antoine’s biological father.

While playing football with the other boys one day, Antoine escapes under a fence and runs away to the ocean, which he has always wanted to see. He reaches the shoreline of the sea and runs into it. The film concludes with a freeze-frame of Antoine, and the camera optically zooms in on his face, looking into the camera. This section does not cite any sources. The English title is a literal translation of the French but misses its meaning, as the French title refers to the idiom « faire les quatre cents coups », which means « to raise hell ».