La France des Capétiens : 978-1214 PDF

Queen of France by marriage to Louis VIII. In her youth, she visited the Abbey of Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas, founded by her parents, several la France des Capétiens : 978-1214 PDF. On 22 May 1200 the treaty was finally signed, John ceding along with his niece the fiefs of Issoudun and Graçay, together with those that André de Chauvigny, lord of Châteauroux, held in Berry, of the English crown.

D’Hugues Capet à Philippe Auguste, les premiers monarques capétiens jetèrent les bases d’un gouvernement monarchique qui allait durer jusqu’à la Révolution française. En s’appuyant sur les chroniques de l’époque et sur les suggestions de l’anthropologie sociale, Dominique Barthélemy met au jour le fonctionnement d’un système de régulation des conflits et dévoile le caractère structurel et dynamique du système féodal. Il donne un nouveau sens à la fameuse «mutation» de l’an 1100, si décisive dans l’établissement de la monarchie française et la transformation de la France en nation.

During the English barons’ rebellion of 1215-16 against King John, it was Blanche’s English ancestry as granddaughter to Henry II that led to Louis being offered the throne of England as Louis I. However, with the death of John in October 1216, the barons changed their allegiance to John’s son, the nine-year-old Henry. Louis continued to claim the English crown in her right, only to find a united nation against him. Philip Augustus refused to help his son, and Blanche was his sole support.

Blanche raised money from her father-in-law by threatening to put up her children as hostages. Philip died in July 1223, and Louis VIII and Blanche were crowned on August 6. Upon Louis’ death in November 1226 from dysentery, he left Blanche, by then 38, regent and guardian of his children. Several key barons, led by Peter Mauclerc, refused to recognize the coronation of the young king. Shortly after the coronation, Blanche and Louis were traveling south of Paris and nearly captured.