Music of Sydney Smith We are in the process of scanning Smith’s pieces in PDF format and making them more widely available. Some of these ETUDE DE CONCERT (AU MATIN) HARPE PDF are better than others.

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  • Instrumentation – Harpe
  • Genre – Classique
  • Early music for concertina and piano Smith’s earliest pieces are piano accompaniments for three concertina pieces by Richard Blagrove. Solo and duet piano music of Sydney Smith The vast majority of Smith’s output is for piano. We believe that the list which follows is complete, although we would be delighted to hear of more. We have made up some of the opus numbers for completeness, using the publication date of the British Library’s catalogue. Most of his music was issued by several publishers, and some pieces were issued under more than one opus number. A large proportion of his pieces for solo piano were also issued in piano duet versions.

    It is not known what involvement Smith had in the production of these pieces, although some publishers issued duet arrangements with arrangers credited. Omitted are various simplified versions, many of which can be found on the Library of Congress website. We would be delighted to receive contributions of any missing items! Les aventures d’une nuit de St. Doubtful works Between 1904 and 1910, Franz Pazdirek published his Universal-Handbuch der Musikliteratur aller Zeiten und Völker, an attempt to list all music published. The pieces in the following list are not yet accounted for.