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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the Elvis Sandwich. For a similar sandwich Banana fish 10 PDF enjoyed, see Fool’s Gold Loaf.

The peanut butter and banana sandwich, or peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich, sometimes referred to as an Elvis sandwich or simply the Elvis, consists of toasted bread slices with peanut butter, sliced or mashed banana, and sometimes bacon. The peanut butter and banana sandwich has been referred to as a favorite of Elvis Presley, who was renowned for his food cravings such as the Fool’s Gold Loaf, a loaf of Italian bread filled with a pound each of bacon, peanut butter, and grape jelly. A book about Presley and his mother, Gladys Presley, though, says he had « sandwich after sandwich of his favorite—peanut butter, sliced bananas, and crisp bacon ». A news report suggests that, based on renditions of sandwiches named after him, Presley ate his with caramelized bananas and crispy bacon on grilled Hawaiian bread, and grilled by his mother or his cook in bacon fat. The sandwich has had numerous variations, many of which were billed as « Elvis Presley’s » or owing to « Elvis » himself.

Nigella Lawson of the cooking show Nigella Bites featured « Elvis Presley’s Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich » in a 2007 episode that was made of white bread, butter, a banana and peanut butter. 8 slices of bread, butter, a banana, peanut butter, 12 slices of bacon and honey. A variant on the sandwich is the peanut butter banana club sandwich, which combines the sandwich with a club sandwich by adding lettuce, brown sugar and lemon juice. The sandwich has also been featured in a cookbook for canines in The Everything Cooking for Dogs Book. The book suggests alternative fillings including sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, and apples.